Is a Cucumber a fruit or vegetable ?

Thats just a catchy title 🙂 Obvisouly a fruit. The purpose, of course is to discuss (spoiler alert) the tragic and shocking end to Lance on the Channel 4 show Cucumber. So, so far  this is by far the best thing to be on TV at this current moment. Depth, humour, homosexuality, sex and side slam of violence… what else could you want? Well… no dead Lance please, but thats the shocking truth. Hate crimes are real and reinforcing that in a show focused around homsexuality can help create awareness and the truth about the world we live in. I think we get a very insightful look into a wide range of different sexual orientations and relationships, which turns into one big rollercoaster of madness, laughs and tears. This show gets a great big 5/5 from me. Maybe a 4 for killing Lance off, but i guess the best shows always kill someone off one way or another.


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