Students and graduates – watch TV to boost your employability

Yes I’m serious and no, I don’t mean copy what you see on The Apprentice – the only thing you’ll learn is how not to act in the business world. If all you do is shout then hopefully you’re going to be fired. Dragons’ Den on the other hand, challenges small business owners to pitch their product and themselves for investment. Essentially, that is what you’re doing as a graduate when applying for a job. You are an investment for the employer and they will hope to see a significant return if you join their business.
Graduate recruitment is an expensive investment and companies want a return on that outlay. If a company is spending an average of £5,000 per graduate hire, plus training and development costs, they won’t settle for second best. In the ‘Den’, the Dragons are quick to pick apart weak pitches and don’t hesitate to call applicants out on their shortcomings. Likewise, if an employer can’t see the potential return on an investment, they won’t hesitate to declare themselves out. Click here to read more

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